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Meet Teri, Founder of SwopeLight

28+ Years Developing Leaders

With 28 years of experience in executive leadership within the employee benefits and financial services industries, Teri Swope is a seasoned professional in coaching and advising executive teams and leaders. Her extensive background includes formal leadership training through The Leadership Challenge® program, The Sounds True/NYU InnerMBA Leadership program, and workshops with influential leaders like Brene Brown, Adam Grant, and Simon Sinek. Teri is also a certified HeartMath® trainer, training people to leverage the energy of their heart to improve resilience, mental clarity, stress, communication, relationships and intuition.

Teri has a passion for helping organizations reach their full potential through conscious leadership and has been instrumental in creating and facilitating leadership development programs for multiple companies. As a coach, Teri's focus is to train leaders and organizations to meet the needs of a changing workforce, foster deep human connections and bring about positive change in the workplace. With her expertise and commitment to conscious leadership, Teri is the ideal advisor for executive teams and leaders looking to transform their businesses.

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Teri Swope, Founder SwopeLight LLC

Experienced Executive Coach and Advisor: Transforming Leaders and Teams. Let's connect on social today!

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