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This Disclaimer, along with's Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and other legal policies, are integrated by reference into this agreement. Except as modified by this Agreement, these policies apply fully to your participation in our services.

You acknowledge that and its team are not licensed professionals in accounting, tax, legal, financial, healthcare, or therapeutic fields. We do not provide professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment in these areas. and its consultants do not:

  • Procure or attempt to procure employment, business, or sales for clients.

  • Perform business management functions including, but not limited to, accounting, tax, or investment consulting.

  • Provide psychoanalysis, psychological counseling, or behavioral therapy.

  • Act as a public relations manager or publicist to procure media exposure.

  • Introduce clients to our network of contacts, media partners, or business partners.

  • Diagnose or treat any illnesses or diseases.

  • Guarantee any specific results from using our services.

Upon the conclusion of our services, no further relationship exists between and the client unless a separate agreement is executed.

Earnings Disclaimer:
While every effort has been made to accurately represent our services and their potential, and its products are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by any platform, nor have they been reviewed or certified by them.

There is no guarantee of earning money using the strategies and ideas provided by our services. Examples and testimonials should not be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the individual using our services, ideas, and techniques.

Claims of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. Your success in attaining results depends on various factors, including your commitment, knowledge, skills, and time investment. We do not position our services as a “get rich quick scheme.”

Forward-looking statements within our materials are based on our expectations or forecasts of future events and are not guarantees of future performance. These statements are identifiable by their use of terms like “anticipate,” “estimate,” “expect,” and similar language.

No guarantees are made that you will achieve results similar to ours or anybody else’s. Success depends on individual effort and specific scenarios. All information is presented "as is" without any warranties or guarantees.

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