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The New Leadership Blueprint: How Self-Awareness Fuels Authentic Connection, Innovation and Growth

Updated: Apr 2

If you want to guide people to follow your lead, become a lead worth following. Here how to start:

® Lead Yourself: Being an effective leader starts with self-awareness. To become a better leader, begin here.

® Self-Awareness: Want people to understand you? Learn to understand yourself; thoughts, feelings, behaviors, beliefs.

® Listening Skills: Want people to listen to you? Learn how to listen to understand, THEN to be understood.

® Building Trust: Want people to trust you? Learn how to connect…start by connecting with yourself.

® Authentic Connection: Want to learn authentic connection with others? Learn how to connect with your inner knowing first.

® Compassionate Leadership: Want to be a compassionate leader? Cultivate self-compassion first.

® Development Path: Want to help people grow? Model the way!

Attention, leaders: The requirements of effective leadership have evolved.

The new blueprint for leadership drives positive transformation for people, profits, and the planet. The key is a leader's ability to FIRST effectively lead themselves.

Learning to care, connect, listen, be authentic, brave, and trustworthy leads to:

® Psychological Safety: When people feel seen, heard, and understood, they feel inspired to CREATE with others.

® A Culture of Courage: Brave leaders who are comfortable with discomfort teach others how to grow.

® Engaged Employees: People who are free to be themselves care more about their work and teams.

® Innovation and Growth: Collaboration and creativity lead to faster problem-solving, innovation, and growth for people, profits, and the planet.

If you're a leader that wants to unleash the huge potential within yourself, your team and your organization, let's talk!

Teri Swope is CEO and Founder of SwopeLight Consulting, a leadership coaching/consulting firm. She has 28+ years of experience developing leaders and organizational cultures.

Her leadership style is inspired by the teachings of Brene Brown, Simon Sinek, Adam Grant, Stephen Covey and many other mindful, heart-led authors and leaders.

“At SwopeLight, we believe there is tremendous untapped potential in organizations; potential for deep human connection, collaboration and innovation. We believe in inspiring leaders to pursue the highest version of themselves. We believe conscious leadership is the key to this inspiration and to accessing an unlimited well of creativity and innovation.”

Teri has a B.B.A in International Management from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She holds leadership certifications from the Inner MBA Program from MindfulNYU - New York University/Sounds True/Wisdom 2.0 as well as The Leadership Challenge program.

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