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How we work has changed.
Are your leaders changing with it?

SwopeLight helps leaders unleash creativity and innovation by developing skills in compassion, purpose, courage, inclusiveness, and decisiveness. We believe in the unlimited potential of individuals and organizations and that inspired, self-aware leadership is key to unlocking it. SwopeLight encourages authenticity, trust, and honoring spirit in the workplace.


Teri Swope - Speaker, Coach, Advisor

A Leading Expert in Developing Conscious Organizations

As a speaker, Teri offers expertise on a variety of topics, including change at the 'You'-Suite, authentic leadership, building trust and connection at work, team building, culture and employee engagement, the trauma-informed parent/leader, building resilience in teams and families, and building teams that work together.

Teri founded SwopeLight with the mission of helping leaders facilitate deep human connection, collaboration and creation in the workplace, and to inspire organizations to become powerful forces for good in the world.

SwopeLight Services

At SwopeLight Consulting, our tailored solutions are designed to address the specific needs of businesses seeking to unleash the full potential of their workforce.

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Teri Swope, Founder SwopeLight LLC

Experienced Executive Coach and Advisor: Transforming Leaders and Teams. Let's connect on social today!


A Message From Teri Swope, Founder of SwopeLight

Leadership is my passion. Inspiring people to believe in and pursue the highest version of themselves is my calling. I believe there is tremendous untapped potential in our organizations; potential to thrive through these challenging times, potential to unleash unprecedented levels of connection, collaboration and creation.

Nelsy Harvey, Supervisor

“Teri taught me a new way of leading others through mindfulness and compassion, where we worked as a team, rather than simply managing people and delegating tasks. The result was my team felt valued and had meaningful purpose. I became a better leader of people through Teri’s guidance.”

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