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At their essence, our workshops are intended to:

✅ increase awareness of self, including our innate power and control of our own lives and work

✅ drive deeper, more meaningful connections with others

✅ transform how we see our lives and our work

✅ equip you with the tools to unleash your highest potential

Unleash untapped potential in people, teams and organizations withinspiring transformational experiences. Our workshops equip peoplewith the tools and techniques they need to thrive personally and professionally.



2-4 hours


5-100 People


Virtual and In-person

  • Deep Listening
    This workshop is designed to teach leaders how to listen with the intent to deeply understand. The skills in this workshop are designed to inform the development of a heart-led leader and to teach the transformative power of deep listening in unlocking power and potential within teams and organizations.
  • The Self-Aware Leader
    This workshop focuses on the critical role of cultivating self-awareness in effective leadership. The workshop will explore the importance of being aware of one's thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and their outcomes as a foundation for conscious leadership.
  • Speak Up, Rise Up
    This workshop is aimed at understanding the value of safety at work and how to create it. The workshop aims to unleash the best ideas, feedback, and work by fostering a safe environment where risk-taking, learning, and speaking up are encouraged.
  • The Resilient You
    This workshop is for anyone that wants to unleash higher potential in themselves and their lives through heart coherence. We will study the science behind the energetic power of the heart and learn how to leverage the heart to better control the outcomes in our lives and at work.
  • Custom Design Workshops
    Let’s work together to design a unique experience that addresses your unique challenges and goals.




Teri taught me a new way of leading others through mindfulness and compassion, where we worked as a team, rather than simply managing people and delegating tasks. The result was my team felt valued and had meaningful purpose. I became a better leader of people through Teri’s guidance.

Nelsy Harvey, Supervisor

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